The National Floor Covering Association is a federation of four provincial / regional floor covering associations serving the industry in Canada.


  • To unite the Canadian floor covering industry associations,
  • To act as a forum for sharing information and ideas,
  • To undertake and support programs which will ensure the long-term well-being of the industry, and
  • To promote standards of professionalism and ethical business conduct.

NFCA’s Objectives

  • To act as the voice of the member associations on matters that affect the industry as a whole.
  • To provide a forum to share information and ideas.
  • To promote and protect the well-being of members.
  • To develop and implement programs for the improvement of the competence and professionalism of members.
  • To represent the interest of members on pertinent legislative and government matters.
  • To represent members in inter-association matters within the construction, building and design industries.
  • To promote, through seminars and training programs, high standards of quality and service in the floor covering industry.
  • To keep members informed of activities and developments of national and international scope.
  • To heighten, through information programs, consumer awareness of the value of floor covering products.

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